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My Dearest Readers - Are there any mothers out there?

To my dearest readers - are there any mothers out there?

I've been doing this daddy blog thing for about 3 years now.  I write about how much I adore my daughter and try to apply my knowledge of psychology to some of her behaviours.  I sit, write, and watch the world go by.  I psychoanalyse (that's a fancy word for simply watching, observing!) and I love the (somewhat) covert, non-participant interaction which comes with it.

I stand in the school yard, morning in and morning out, the lone wolf amongst all the mothers.  I, the lone dad, the lion among the lionesses (I have a beard, so I guess one could stretch one's imagination to that of a lions mane...who knows, maybe I'm clutching at straws), but I stand there and I kiss my little girl goodbye and wish her a good day.  

In the afternoon I do the same, only this time I catch her as she runs into my arms and we kiss and embrace.  School holidays, ditto.  I am that man sipping on a £1.95 white Americano (one brown sugar) among all the mothers.  The pregnancy groups.  The we are the new moms of this town groups.  The let's get together whilst the kids play groups.  That's me.  That's me in the corner, losing my erection (a slight play on REM's amazing "losing my religion").  I become a mom.  I blend in and whilst my daughter plays, I camouflage myself, somehow, amongst the mothers, sipping away at a coffee and reading the paper.  It is that simple.  So I write, I write about fatherhood from a dad's perspective - what it is like to be a dad, what it is like to be the black sheep among the white fleeces.  It's me.  I'm there and so are you...and believe it or not - draw nearer dear reader I have a secret - I love it.

So, I continue to write, but I wonder, I wonder how many mothers bother to read a blog written by a man on parenting.  Can he possibly have something to say that I don't already know?  My husband is so far out of touch with the kids, what could this guy possibly know that I don't already know?  

Who knows?
Good question!

I write for anyone who is a parent.  To let other parents know that they are not alone out there in their trials and tribulations.  I don't write solely for fathers, I don't write solely for mothers. In fact, if I were completely honest, I write for me too.  I write so that I can in some way put my thoughts out there and if an audience gains from it, then that is amazing...that is the power of sharing, that is the power of service and that is the power of the internet.  It's potentially win-win.  I am able to experience catharsis and someone else is able to gain from that cathartic process.

I like to believe that it is interesting to hear the thoughts of a father as far as being a husband and parent goes.  There are so many mommy blogs out there, many of which are wonderful sources of information, sharing and caring on all things parenting.  I am most definitely not a lone voice in the whole daddy blogging world, but it is seldom that I read fatherhood blogs which explore beyond Star Wars or a review on the latest Pixar animation.

I don't know what my reach is.  I have little idea of the impact that these words make.  The feedback that I do receive is wonderfully rewarding.  Parents opening up to me about their trails and tribulations.  Relationship breakdown.  Struggles to find ones own identity beyond Mary's mother or Jack's dad.  

I am eternally grateful for those of you who take the time to get in touch.  Who encourage me to continue and who share what it is that I have to say via social media.  Thank you for your loyalty.  Thank for for your time.  Time is the only thing that we can give which we can never get back, so I thank you for using your time to read my words.

I recently installed an RSS feed onto my PAGE to make subscription easier.  Please do let me know that you are out there - subscribe, comment, email me, become a Dr Daddy Kay Google+ follower.  I find interacting with my readers wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable, so please to get in touch one way or another.  This is an unashamed plea to share my words if they touch you in some or other way.

So, dear readers, a sincere thank you.

The "In Front of the Mac Writing" Pose


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  1. I'm surprised that more of your readers are fathers. On my blog, it's been more mom readers over the years, and I was under the impression that was typical.


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